TIGHT CLUB in the Vancouver Sun

Check out Keighty talking TIGHT CLUB in this dope interview in the Vancouver Sun.

Keighty Gallagher, 27, started an alternative fitness club three years ago called Tight Club Athletics. Now she’s taken the concept of cross-training to a whole new level of fun as she strives to create not just another workout class but a community, training members in the garage of her coach house in East Vancouver. The Vancouver Sun spoke with Gallagher to find out more about her club and why she thinks it is important for runners to cross-train before The Vancouver Sun Run.

Q: You’ve said Tight Club is founded on making fitness the new ‘F-word.’ How do you make working out more fun for your clients?

A: I play music I like to listen to and I don’t like to listen to techno music. I just like to play dirty hip hop music. And I don’t teach to the beat. It’s just like the music is kind of there to remind you that the music rules but you don’t have to be doing your exercise to the beat. I’m a pretty laid-back trainer. I design the class so you never feel like you are losing or being left behind. Also, the general vibe of the class is that people talk to each other and know each other, and it seems like a lot of the people hang out with each other now outside of class.

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