Come Run with Us

Power through plateaus and conquer new personal bests. The Tight Club Run Crew is here to support your running endeavors. The city is our playground and we are your urban track team.



Learn to Run Distance
A recuper-run for all you No Fun Run die-hards. This is a free class lead by the infamous bearded pace-master, Kevin Lionais. All running levels welcome. No sign-up necessary for this free class. 6-12k



Learn to Run Fast

Specializing in short distances, the No Fun Run helps you train to run fast. This bad boy is a mix of 4-6km runs jammed with hills, added intensity interval sprints, urban relays, and recovery training. You’ll need your crew for this one.


Our crew consists :


Kevin leads the pack for our Run Crew on Tuesday evenings, Long N Slow. Originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Kevin is a master of setting the perfect pace and making your running goals attainable as you weave through back-alleys and neighborhoods around Vancouver.

When he’s not training for the next ½ marathon, Kevin can be found discussing the finer qualities of beer at Brassneck Brewery or out on the water on his sailboat, Ghetto Fabulous, cruising around the gulf islands. Look for the glasses-clad guy with the beard and the smile on his face, that’s Kevin.

Interested in going out for a run? Check out Kevin’s free running class,
Long N Slow, on Tuesdays at 6:30pm.


Keighty Gallagher is the original tight babe and the driving force behind Tight Club Athletics. Her entire jam is to help you bridge the gap between seeing the need to exercise and actually enjoying it, because you don’t have to be a jock to be tight!

Founded on a mutual adoration for beers after work, Tight Club developed out of weekly exercise hangouts among a diverse group of bartenders, servers, painters, and clothing designers in East Van. These theme-based exercise sessions rapidly evolved into something much bigger: a non-gym based athletic club for folks who value active bodies, balanced lives, and the occasion zombie-themed training session. Because let’s face it, you’re never just training for the gym, you’re training for life.

Keighty has a Bachelors of Science under her belt from Portland State University and her ACE Personal Training Certification, which means that she can explain how plyometrics can change your life. But more than that, Keighty is a creative thinker who is constantly searching for clever ways to keep fitness friendly, fun, and sweaty for your enjoyment.

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