With schedules and workouts that are both challenging and flexible, Personal and Corporate training allow you to bring the joy of Tight Club to the forefront of your wellness–or right to your office door.


Getting fit and being active should be about doing what makes you crave the sweat, love the burn, and celebrate your ability to move. Personal training at Tight Club is totally catered to your individual needs, so you get functional and relevant movement training.
Initial Assessment and “fit kit” including body analysis measurements, fitness testing, and a goat setting session

  • Efficient custom plans with realistic outcomes
  • Increased mobility, strength, and flexibility
  • Body Definition + Toning (aka Getting Tight)
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Safe and effective low impact training for post injury
  • The Tight Life Challenge


Take corporate wellness to the next level with Tight Club. With a trainer who comes right to your office, you have nothing to loose. Not only will you help your team build trust, establish healthy routines, and prevent sick days, you’ll be enhancing the value of just being part of the team. A group that plays together, stays together.

  • Fitness Education Workshops
  • Team-based Fitness Challenges
  • Interval Training + Body Weight Strength Training
  • Low Impact Strength, Core and Flexibility
  • Yoga Style Stretch
  • Prevention of Ergonomic Injury
  • The Tight Life Challenge*


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