Best Items for Running in the Rain

Social media may be the best place to use sayings like the April shower brings May flowers. However, when it comes to outdoor activities, its application may be limited, especially during downpours. In late spring or early summers, it may be difficult to tell the kind of weather that will brace the day. Nonetheless, these seasons provide a perfect time for races. It is exceptionally vital to prepare for weather changes by acquiring the best items for running in the rain to avoid an ominous competition. Acquiring rain running gears helps your mind stay on track during the weakly mileage or even your daily speed workouts.

Waterproof Running Shoes

There is a wide range of running shoes that a runner can choose from. However, going for waterproof boots goes the extra mile to offer protection to the runners’ feet and prevent soggy and uncomfortable moments. Some leather shoes may be waterproof for a while, but they are not the ideal shoes for running, especially when part of the shoe gets submerged in water. It is excellent to go for a rubber shoe like the Under Armour Hovr CGR Mild Connected boots that have an outsole made of Michelin rubber. This is the same type of rubber used to make car tires. The fabric technology on the top side of the shoe does not soak, which makes it an ideal shoe to run in cold and rainy days. Nonetheless, it is invaluable to ensure that the shoe is breathable to help excess moisture escape from the shoes when it gets warm.

Waterproof Socks

Socks for run

It is advisable to go for waterproof socks during a rainy season. You might be wearing a waterproof shoe, but the splashing of surface runoff might get water into your shoes, making you feel uncomfortable. Nonetheless, waterproof shoes contain a fabric that ensures that the water does not get into your feet, giving you sores and blisters.

It is invaluable to make sure that the socks you purchase are breathable. Also, you can go for wool socks like the Smartwool PhD Endurance Print Crew Socks that not only keep your feet warm but also support them for as long as you can run. The socks should also be breathable to prevent the inside of your shoe from becoming a swamp.


Waterproof Wallet

Waterproof Wallet

It does not mean that you will leave everything in the house because you are running. You might need to carry a health insurance card, ID, cash, and credit or debit card. Make sure to go for a waterproof wallet such as the Nite IzeOffWalet that can be clipped around the waist. The wallet will ensure that your stuff remains dry in the rain until you finish the race.

Waterproof Hat

On a rainy day, it is common for runners’ eyes to get blurred, which may cause accidents along the way. It is vital to protect your eyes from getting soaked by considering something with a brim. A light headband or a beanie is essential to keep the head warm, but a waterproof hat is invaluable. A waterproof hat not only keeps the head dry but also keeps it warm. Putting a shower cap over the visor or hat may be effective even with its funny MacGyver look. Go for the lightweight waterproof hat such as the Lululemon Lightspeed Running Hat to keep sleet, rain, snow, and other sorts of precipitation away from your head. You will need a waterproof hat to protect your eyes from getting soaked to get a clear view of the track when running.


Glasses for run

After covering your head with a waterproof hat, water might still find its way into your eyes. Clear or even lightly tinted glasses may be the best solution. Wearing such glasses protects your eyes from getting wet or pelted by snow. You can also cultivate a clear vision through humidity and moisture by acquiring an anti-fog lens cleaner.

Waterproof Gloves/Mittens

It is common for temperatures to drop on rainy days. The cold may not be suitable for anyone’s health, which makes it vital to acquire waterproof gloves. You can go for Tracksmith NDO mittens that have an inner protective layer of merino wool that helps keep the hands warm even when the outer surface gets soaked in rains. Other kinds of gloves can also be considered so long as they do not get your hands wet. It is vital to have a waterproof jacket that goes over the gloves’ cuffs to avoid water from oozing into the gloves.

Waterproof Jacket

If presented with a choice between exercise and health, health comes first. Runners ensure that they remain healthy by protecting themselves from strong wind, cold, and rain. When it comes to unfavorable weather, acquiring a waterproof jacket can be very helpful. Make sure that the jacket you purchase is breathable and lightweight to ensure that excess moisture and heat quickly escapes from the body when it is hot and that it does not overburden you with weight. Also, avoid the kind of jackets that have pockets because the pockets can be problematic. Water can penetrate the coat though the areas where the pockets are stitched. One of the best waterproof jackets is the Petagonia Storm Racer Jacket. These jackets might cost a little more than the usual ones, but they are worth it.

Waterproof Pants

Some people like it when they run in shorts, but pants are ideal for a rainy day. Waterproof pants repel raindrops and keep all the parts below the waist dry. You can go for pants like The North Face Flight Winter Pant. Make sure that the pants keep you free of sweat to avoid an uncomfortable feeling when it gets hot.

Sweat-Wicking T-Shirt

While running, you will need a long-sleeved or breathable t-shirt. It is advisable to go for a light t-shirt that feels comfortable, keeps you dry, and lets out the excess heat. You can consider the Adidas Tivid Tee that is the choice of many runners. Other similar models are also ideal for a rainy day.



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