Best Items for Running in the Rain

Social media may be the best place to use sayings like the April shower brings May flowers. However, when it comes to outdoor activities, its application may be limited, especially during downpours. In late spring or early summers, it may be difficult to tell the kind of weather that will brace the day. Nonetheless, these seasons provide a perfect time for races. It is exceptionally vital to prepare for weather changes by acquiring the best items for running in the rain to avoid an ominous competition. Acquiring rain running gears helps your mind stay on track during the weakly mileage or even your daily speed workouts.

Waterproof Running Shoes

There is a wide range of running shoes that a runner can choose from. However, going for waterproof boots goes the extra mile to offer protection to the runners’ feet and prevent soggy and uncomfortable moments. Some leather shoes may be waterproof for a while, but they are not the ideal shoes for running, especially when part of the shoe gets submerged in water. It is excellent to go for a rubber shoe like the Under Armour Hovr CGR Mild Connected boots that have an outsole made of Michelin rubber. This is the same type of rubber used to make car tires. The fabric technology on the top side of the shoe does not soak, which makes it an ideal shoe to run in cold and rainy days. Nonetheless, it is invaluable to ensure that the shoe is breathable to help excess moisture escape from the shoes when it gets warm.

Waterproof Socks

Socks for run

It is advisable to go for waterproof socks during a rainy season. You might be wearing a waterproof shoe, but the splashing of surface runoff might get water into your shoes, making you feel uncomfortable. Nonetheless, waterproof shoes contain a fabric that ensures that the water does not get into your feet, giving you sores and blisters.


How to Start Running for Beginners

In a world full of diseases and other conditions that need one to stay fit, running can be the ultimate solution. It is a great way to form a relationship with other runners, feel better, and stay healthy. Easier said than done, creating a habit of running calls for unrelenting efforts. It takes more than just a pair of comfortable shoes. This article provides a professional guide to creating a running habit for beginners. It provides the ultimate guide of how to start running for beginners

Running for Beginners

Where to Start

Running requires a definite schedule or plan that must be adhered to. It is recommended to set aside some free time devoted to the newly acquired routine. Once the program is in place, it is just but a beginning to reap the full benefits of running. It will require a schedule of about 30 minutes every day for 3 to 5 times a week. However, you should go easy on yourself. Do not run too fast or too far the first few times because it is the leading cause of injuries among runners. Twenty minutes every day, three times a week are enough, to begin with.

Purpose to increase your running time and number of days in the subsequent weeks. Make sure you are comfy adapting and completing the time in the current schedule before increasing the time and days. If 20 minutes seem too much for you, do not fear taking walking breaks between the time. You can run for 4 minutes and walk for a minute. Purpose to grow stronger and gradually eliminate the walking breaks. As a beginner, there is no need to worry about the distance to be covered. Just focus on the time you spend running. With time you will be able to cover more ground at the same time, which calls for an increment in the workout duration.


Tips on How to Prepare for Mountain Running

Mountain running, unlike other types of races, is a little bit more challenging. Elevation gain poses a challenge even to professional runners, which calls serious preparations. Let’s imagine that you have had your few months of practicing to be a professional runner. With time, you will start exploring different terrains, and each of the terrains presents different challenges. Before the fateful day arrives, there are a few things that you need to know to nurture your successful completion of the mountain race. This article provides you with the most professional tips on how to prepare for mountain running.

Mountain Running

Do Your Homework

Registering for a mountain running race might is easy. However, your qualifications might be a bad or a good thing for you. Qualifying implies that you have at least completed the necessary running sessions, and you are ready to take things further. If you have not been running on long trails or hills, the race you about to get into will be tough. It is imperative to investigate the kind of races that involves a good amount of climbing, the distance involved, and the expected climate. It will provide you with proper preparation or training for future competitions.


TIGHT CLUB in the Vancouver Sun

Check out Keighty talking TIGHT CLUB in this dope interview in the Vancouver Sun.

Keighty Gallagher, 27, started an alternative fitness club three years ago called Tight Club Athletics. Now she’s taken the concept of cross-training to a whole new level of fun as she strives to create not just another workout class but a community, training members in the garage of her coach house in East Vancouver. The Vancouver Sun spoke with Gallagher to find out more about her club and why she thinks it is important for runners to cross-train before The Vancouver Sun Run.

Q: You’ve said Tight Club is founded on making fitness the new ‘F-word.’ How do you make working out more fun for your clients?

A: I play music I like to listen to and I don’t like to listen to techno music. I just like to play dirty hip hop music. And I don’t teach to the beat. It’s just like the music is kind of there to remind you that the music rules but you don’t have to be doing your exercise to the beat. I’m a pretty laid-back trainer. I design the class so you never feel like you are losing or being left behind. Also, the general vibe of the class is that people talk to each other and know each other, and it seems like a lot of the people hang out with each other now outside of class.