I’m Keighty. I hate running and I love beer.

However – I’m also an athlete, a personal trainer, and someone who’s trying to create a wave in modern athletics.

After coming back to the world of fitness after a long competitive track and field career, I knew there was a big bug I wanted to squish. I hated the association of being named a jock just because I was athletic.

Exercise doesn’t have to define your life, it’s just something you do to enhance who you are.

As the founder of Tight Club Athletics, I promise to change the way you feel about fitness. Tight Club is a lifestyle for individuals who value active bodies, creative minds and balanced lives.

You don’t have to be a jock to be tight!

My workouts encompass many different training methods, from pilates to plyometrics, traditional strength training to TRX, yoga to HIIT. I am constantly searching for interesting ways to keep fitness friendly, fun and effective.